Rankos Stadium Pharmacy

Trusted by Tacoma families for over 85 years

Rankos Pharmacy is a family owned, independent pharmacy in the Stadium District of Tacoma.

We specialize in medication management. We are knowledgeable, reliable, and listen to you. We take the time to assure all your questions are answered. We specialize in specialty medications, vaccinations (walk-in and on-site) and more! We advocate for healthy lifestyles through optimal medication management and preventative consultation.

Our experience and expertise will exceed your expectations. We keep our prices low. Three generations of the Rankos family have served the community for over 85 years.

Our goal is to help you achieve optimum health. We are here to help you make wise choices about your health, medications, and supplements. Our pharmacists answer all your questions, including potential drug interactions, vitamin supplements, and drug nutrient depletion.

We take time to talk with you about your health.


More than one fatal overdose occurs in WA every day. More Washingtonians die every year from overdoses than from car crashes. Most drug overdoses involve a prescription medication used with other drugs or alcohol. Most of these deaths can be prevented with fast medical help.


NALOXONE is an opioid blocking drug.

Make an appointment for your overdose kit, training, support, and resources today. 

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We are excited to provide Naloxone to the community and help save lives!