Rankos Stadium Pharmacy

Trusted by Tacoma families for over 85 years

Rankos Pharmacy is a family owned, independent pharmacy in the Stadium District of Tacoma.

We specialize in medication management. We are knowledgeable, reliable, and listen to you. We take the time to assure all your questions are answered. We specialize in personalized medication regimens,  vaccinations (walk-in and on-site) and more. We advocate for healthy lifestyles through optimal medication management and preventative consultation.

Our experience will exceed your expectations. We keep our prices low. Three generations have served the community for over 85 years.

Our goal is to help you achieve optimum health. We are here to help you make wise choices about your health, medications, and supplements. Our pharmacists answer all your questions, including potential drug interactions, vitamin supplements, and drug nutrient depletion.

We take time to talk with you about your health. 

Individualized Medication Management & Support just for YOU

Rankos Pharmacists & team take time to listen.  We want to learn your needs, thoughts, and concerns...in turn, we aim to prove our service will exceed your expectations.  We cater to each patient thoughtfully.  

Your Rankos Pharmacist will work with your provider, you, and your team, support all goals through positive, care open listening, and knowledge.  We advocate for YOU.

ITS FLU SEASON.  Time to think of UPDATING ALL your vaccines.  Questions?  Call us 253-383-2411 & start here:  https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vac-gen/default.htm#whyiz

VACCINATIONS AVAILABLE!  We will come to you...anywhere..your setting of choice.  Rankos provides FREE & low cost, gentle, professional, comprehensive vaccines!

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Great!  We are here and happy to accommodate!  

FLU SHOTS & Other Immunizations Available

What we need from you PRIOR to your appt:

    • Schedule a time 
    • Provide ALL info IN ADVANCE
    • We will do all we can but YOU are responsible for providing all info prior to your appointment.  
Thank you so much <3